1dL = 100cc

A cozy, down-to-earth bar for simple,
high-quality wines and nihonshu.
If you end up staying a touch longer than you planned on tonight, but feel like you might just stop by tomorrow as well, then we've done our job right.


Wine & Nihonshu.

Generally French-focused, but not exclusively so.
Some New World and Japanese wines as well.
Five reds, five whites, and two sparkling available by the glass;
Five nihonshu available by the glass also.


Seasonal dishes.

We lean a little French here as well, but emphasis on seasonal Japanese elements at their finest, above all else.
Small plates; flavors nothing but.


Shop info

BRICK END, Yebisu Garden Place,
1-13-4 Mita, Meguro-ku, Tokyo,
153 - 0062 Japan
+ 81 (0) 3 - 6409 - 6851
Open 7days a week 15 : 00 to 24 : 00Business hours notice will be posted
Credit card acceptedVISA / MasterCard /American Express / JCB
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